“Margaret is a conscientious problem solver, who rises to meet every challenge with a professional manner and team-first attitude. The bottom line is she gets the job done no matter the circumstance.” 
Jeff Joniak, Play-by-Play Announcer, Chicago Bears

Margaret is a very fine interviewer. I have noticed that when we chat she asks all of the right questions. It is readily apparent that she stays abreast of our world and its many complex issues.
Max Armstrong, Agriculture Broadcaster

“Appreciate all your help…I believe you are a gem.”
Dr. Donald Shifrin, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus, University of Washington School of Medicine

“Many thanks to Magaret. I am always delighted by how good I sound on the Green Sense Show. I well recall stumbles, pauses, and the occasional cough during recording, but the end product is always super smooth and clean. Additionally, her tidy direction/narration style is spot on for the newsy projects I have worked on with Green Sense. Absolute respect for the quality and professionalism.”
Tom Appel, Publisher of Consumer Guide, Host of the Car Stuff Podcast

“You are one of the best people I have ever worked with!!” 
Barry Moltz, Small Business Expert, Speaker, and Author

Margaret is a “bulldog.” If you need something done and done well, give it to her. She won’t let go until it’s finished and you’re happy with the end results.
Robert Colangelo, Founder of CEA Technology and Host of the Green Sense Show

Margaret always gets things done in an expeditious & excellent manner, with exceptional quality. She’s knowledgeable, intellectually curious & empathetic, all traits that serve her well not just as a contributing member of a team, but as a person who’s fun & easy to work with.”
Chris Cwiak, 93xrt Executive Producer, Programming

“Margaret Larkin was my capable producer at WGN Radio. With all that she is doing, she is the full embodiment of the American entrepreneur.”
Bill Moller, President, Bill Moller Communications

“I’ve known Margaret for a few years and she is one of the most compassionate, driven, and ambitious people I’ve met. She is loyal, hard working, and honest to a fault. Let me put it this way: if something were to happen to me at 3 in the morning, I know I could count on her for help.”
Tina E. Akouris, Digital News Editor

“Margaret is talented! She takes on jobs that would prove impossible for others and she masters them! Most importantly, she is a good person!”
Dave Marsett, Anchor, WBBM Newsradio

“Thank you for making me sound the way I would like to sound and be. You are a very competent professional communicator.” 
George Roumbanis, President of AFSCME 3506

“Margaret Larkin has my highest recommendation for any community project in which she can share her beautiful talents with others.  Her work demonstrates a refreshing breadth of knowledge across disciplines.”
Jennifer Karmin, Chicago-based Educator, Writer, and Curator