Writing Portfolio

I’ve done a lot of writing and editing for a variety of businesses and organizations. My style is straightforward; I’m good at sounding like a real person. Unless indicated, I posted PDFs because web links can go dead or change.

WGN Digital (live links)

Website Copy 

DWA (Doing Writing As…I’ve done several, but I can’t disclose many here)

Interviews for Websites




Social Media

I’ve done Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook DWA, but I can’t disclose those here. I also did Facebook posts for the Bill Moller Show on WGN Radio. I came up with the idea to take pictures of every guest and post them online (which hadn’t been done for that show before):

Reports, Summaries, Emails

  • I have written emails, reports, and summaries for companies, but since they’ve contained private information, I am not able to post them here.